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Traffic Simulations, Traffic Analysis and Design Services; Our Core Services

Viciedo Consulting is an Elevator and Escalator Consulting firm with 32 years of experience, including global consulting for Fortune 50 Companies. 


We provide a full range of Elevator and Escalator Consulting Services ensuring you the highest quality of Asset Preservation, Tenant Safety & Experience, and Liability Mitigation.  


Elevator Consulting Services include areas such as:  Elevator Traffic Simulations, Traffic Analysis, New Design Specifications, Elevator Modernizations, Due Diligence Acquisition, Maintenance Bid Specifications, Elevator Performance Audits, Code Compliance, ADA Evaluation and Compliance, and numerous other Vertical Transportation related projects.

Elevator Due Diligence

Elevator due diligence, or vertical transportation due diligence, evaluations are a mandatory cost saving practice when purchasing, selling or refinancing a building with elevators or escalators.

About Viciedo

Viciedo Consulting brings 32 years of experience, including 6 years of global consulting.  Russ Viciedo has a great deal of consulting experience and is equally as comfortable representing the small building owner as he is representing the Fortune 50 Executive.  

Elevator Audits

Viciedo Consulting will clearly evaluate and document how your operating costs are being spent and the value you are receiving.  Where deficiencies in your maintenance provider arise, Viciedo Consulting will work with your service provider to quickly correct them.

Elevator Design

Viciedo Consulting Assists Architects, Builders, Property Managers, and others participating in the design, specification and installation of an elevator, escalator or moving walkway into an existing or new building.

Elevator Modernization

There are many factors driving the need, or desire, to Modernize.  Understanding those factors and relating them to the local market, budgetary restraints, impact on the building’s tenancy, and current codes & standards is a detailed process.