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Elevator Audits: Service

Asset Preservation, Tenant Satisfaction, and Liability Mitigation


An Elevator Audit, or Vertical Transportation Audit, is often referred to as Maintenance Condition Assessment, Performance and Equipment Evaluation, Preventative Service Audit, Elevator State, Asset Management Review, or an Equipment Audit and Evaluation. Viciedo elevator consulting diligently conducts an elevator audit, or vertical transportation audit, based on your needs, not the needs of your Service Provider.  History and experience shows that 100% of the Elevator Audits conducted by Viciedo Consulting have exposed areas of improvements, often critical, which have saved our clients millions of dollars and greatly improved the safety of the building tenants while mitigating the client's risk exposure.  

Viciedo Consulting will clearly evaluate and document how your operating costs are being spent and the value you are receiving.  Where deficiencies in your maintenance provider arise, Viciedo Consulting will work with your service provider to quickly correct them.  Our review entails an elevator audit and review of your current elevator maintenance plan, existing service contracts, and elevator equipment.  The Elevator Audit is consistently recognized as one of the most valuable services we can provide resulting in nearly immediate performance, safety, and service improvements.

Contact us and let us show you how we can work with you, and for you.

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