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Vertical Transportation Tailored to Architects, Builders and Owners

Viciedo Consulting Assists Architects, Builders, Property Managers, and others participating in the design, specification and installation of an elevator, escalator or moving walkway into an existing or new building. Understanding the Vertical Transportation goals and interpreting them into a functional specification is the basic starting point for a building design.  Once the goals are understood, they must be correlated to all apppicable codes, standards, legislation, and “common sense” rules-of-thumb”.  


Having served 8 years on a global R&D team for a global elevator/escalator manufacturer and consulted to 3 of the world’s top elevator/escalator manufacturers, Russ Viciedo is well versed in elevator, escalator and moving walkway innovations with respect to technology, design, green initiatives, and regulations allowing for a professionally designed and run project.


For New Design and Installation, Viciedo Consulting offers services such as; Feasibility Study, Traffic Analysis, BIM Modeling, Equipment/Manufacturer Assessment Evaluation, ADA Assessment, Div14 Bid Package, Bid Process Management, Submittal Review/Approval, Project Management


Many New Installation projects have similarities.  However, each is unique.  Contact Viciedo Consulting to discuss how we can assist in your project’s needs.

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