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Small Firm Providing Services with a Personalized Touch.

Elevator Repair Consulting Colorado


You Need an SME (Subject Matter Expert)

Elevator component repairs and upgrades are extremely expensive and, often create unplanned budget issues along with tenant complaints. Unplanned repairs are often fully covered under our client's existing service contract.  All too often, we learn that our client's service provider attempts to avoid the cost burden by portraying the origin of the failure as "customer abuse" or "obsolescent part".  Suddenly, once we are engaged, a different conversation takes place.  As is true in all aspects of our lives, we cannot be an expert at everything.  We need a Subject Matter Expert to fully understand all details around Repairs and Upgrades so that the proper contract terms may be invoked.

Viciedo Consulting has cases in which we have saved our client in excess of $43k because a repair was actually fully covered under their existing service contract.  Without having the knowledge and experience to cross-reference the repair items with historical service activities and contract terms, our client was ready to pay an invoice they should not be paying.  

Viciedo Consulting will assure that you have the knowledge and insight to make the best business decisions around your repairs and upgrades.

elevator modernization consulting services western US


Design / Management / Capital Planning

Over time and usage, all Elevator and Escalator equipment will need to either be replaced, or Modernized (Updated).  There are many factors driving the need, or desire, to Modernize.  Understanding those factors and relating them to the local market, the budgetary restraints, the impact on the building’s tenancy, and the current codes and standards is a detailed process.  Generating an appropriate scope of work, translating it into a specification, obtaining competitive bids, analyzing the bids, awarding the contract, and managing the Modernization project are also detailed processes.  Viciedo Consulting will provide you the advisory services necessary to make sense of this overwhelming process.  And, equally important, Viciedo Consulting will properly Represent you throughout the entire process assuring that your return on investment is maximized.

Viciedo Consulting begins with a detailed assessment of your equipment and your needs as a building owner/manager.  Our assessment will outline which components shall be Retained, Repaired, and Replaced.  We will manage the project End-to-End providing a turn-key project to you.

elevator maintenance consulting services western US


ASME A17.1
Liability Mitigation

The need for a Documented Maintenance Control Program is overlooked by most.  As with many aspects of your building, in the event of litigation, your best offense and defense is documentation.  In most jurisdictions, we can turn to ASME A17.1 for a basic outline of the minimal Maintenance Program documentation we should have in place.  Viciedo Consulting has the experience and the expertise to assure that you document your Maintenance Program properly to meet codes, standards, local legislation, and to mitigate your liability related to your elevators and escalators.

For decades, elevator service providers have been extremely comfortable in providing their Elevator & Escalator Maintenance and Service Contract  terms and conditions which are heavily weighted in-favor of the service provider.  These contracts are ambiguous at best and rarely address the most critical issues that put the building owner/manager at risk.  An Elevator & Escalator Maintenance Contract should be a clearly defined partnering agreement which allows both parties to share accountability and associated liabilities.

Viciedo Consulting will assure that your Maintenance Contract will be mutually beneficial, increase overall safety, provide visibility into your maintenance cost risk, provide accountability for both parties, provide building security details when applicable, be focused on asset preservation, and mitigate your overall liabilities as best as it can.

elevator litigation services


Elevator & Escalator Litigation

Elevators and Escalators subject us to one of the most litigious assets we can own within our buildings.  Viciedo Consulting has based its entire consulting practice around Protecting you and your Tenants while Mitigating your Liability associated with your Elevators and Escalators.  Whether you are the building owner who has found yourself responding to litigation against you, or you are an attorney working with Litigation as the result of issues related to an Elevator or Escalator, Viciedo Consulting has been performing independent Accident Investigation/Analysis, Liability Assessments, Witness Interview Assistance, Claimant Interview Assistance, and Expert Testimonies for nearly 20 years.

All litigation cases are unique and require to be treated as such.  Contact Viciedo Consulting to discuss how our experience and expertise, may assist your case.

elevator insurance consulting claims and escalator insurance consulting


Elevator and Escalator Claims are Inevitable

The Elevator and Escalator industry can be hazardous and there are only a small number of insurance carriers that specialize in writing policies and covering claims relative to Elevators and Escalators.  Whether you are an insurance carrier or a building owner, we can assist you.  


When the need arises to file, or manage, a claim related to an Elevator or Escalator loss, Viciedo Consulting will assess the loss and assure that your claim is properly filed to cover the entire loss; both the obvious and the hidden portions of the loss.  

Modern Elevators and Escalators are complex mechanical-electrical assemblies.  Unless a detailed assessment by an expert who understands how to write the claim is performed, items will be missed.  Truthfully, the insurance adjuster is banking on this fact.  Viciedo Consulting will provide the carrier with a well structured loss inventory and repair/replace program to restore your asset to its previous condition.


Insurance claims are unique by nature and must be treated as such.  Please contact Viciedo Consulting to discuss how we can help you with your claim.

elevators for new construction


Tailored to Builders, Architects and Owners

Viciedo Consulting Assists Builders, Architects, Property Managers, and others participating in the installation of an elevator, escalator or moving walkway into an existing or new building. Understanding the Vertical Transportation goals and interpreting them into a functional specification is the basic starting point for a building design.  Once the golas are understood, they must be correlated to all apppicable codes, standards, legislation, and “common sense” rules-of-thumb”.  


Having served for 8 years on a global R&D team for a global elevator/escalator manufacturer and consulted to 3 of the world’s top elevator/escalator manufacturers, Russ Viciedo is well versed in elevator, escalator and moving walkway innovations with respect to technology, design, green initiatives, and regulations allowing for a professionally designed and run project.


For New Design and Installation, Viciedo Consulting offers services such as; Feasibility Study, Traffic Analysis, Equipment/Manufacturer Assessment Evaluation, ADA Assessment, Div14 Bid Package, Bid Process Management, Submittal Review/Approval, Project Management


Many New Installation projects have similarities.  However, each is unique.  Contact Viciedo Consulting to discuss how we can assist in your project’s needs.

elevator traffic analysis services


The Art of Moving People

An Elevator Traffic Analysis is an essential component to a building design or major renovation.  Often overlooked, the lack of a traffic analysis can, and will, cripple a building’s traffic flow foe the life of the building.  Next to a poor HVAC design, poorly handled building traffic will result in poor to unacceptable patron and client experiences.

An Elevator Traffic Analysis does not need to be an extremely detailed and laborious task.  Many buildings only require a solid fundamental traffic analysis allowing for the proper design of people/goods movement.   Conversely, more sophisticated buildings may require more detailed analysis including elevator intervals, handling capacities, and many other variables in order to properly “elevator” the building and assure that the building patrons and tenancy have optimal vertical movement throughout the building.  

Regardless of your building design, Viciedo Consulting has the experience and expertise to assist you in assuring that the building is properly designed and equipped to move people vertically.

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