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Elevator Audits: Service

Time is of the utmost importance


Elevators and Escalators are amongst the safest equipment moving people.  Thankfully, accidents resulting in the injury of people are rare.  However, the consequences of such accidents are often life-altering, or life-ending, for the victims and usually result in litigation. The larger international elevator companies employ their own legal staff and also retain experienced localized firms who are well versed in applicable codes, standards, and case law pertaining to elevator-related injuries and fatalities.  Unfortunately, most attorneys have never encountered an elevator and escalator case. Viciedo Consulting is the answer to filling the experience gap and providing the necessary industry expertise for you to properly represent your client.  Retaining the services and expertise of Viciedo Consulting is vital to the results of your case.

In the event of bodily injury, the equipment manufacturer deploys legal staff and experts to perform necessary assessments within hours.  All too often, the victim is weeks away from retaining counsel and obtaining their own "independent" assessment.  An expeditious examination by Viciedo Consulting ensures against the deterioration or destruction of vital evidence. It is our goal to build the strongest, most comprehensive, and accurate case files for you.  It is imperative we are retained as quickly as possible to do so.

Viciedo Consulting is experience and well prepared to analyze data and report/present our observations, and expert conclusions, impartially, clearly, and concisely.  Our expert conclusions are professional supported by detailed exhibits, photographs, drawings, and slides, providing consistency, reliability, and documentation in the courtroom.

Causal analysis is essential!  The cause of an equipment failure is rarely clear.  An expert assessment of the incident can determine true liability. With decades of experience, Viciedo Consulting is dedicated to making professional, honest, accurate engineering, installation, usage, and maintenance judgments based on all available site information, historical data, and witness observations.  Relying on years of R&D experience coupled with years of practical field experience, we will determine the cause of failure, support our assessment both in oral and written form, and provide our client with supplemental, documented information as supporting evidence of our findings.

Contact us and let us show you how we can work with you, and for you.

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