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Over time and usage, all Elevator and Escalator equipment will need to either be Replaced or Modernized (Updated).  Determining if an Elevator Modernization is necessary is a strategic business decision which your elevator maintenance provider should have little input to.  To be blunt, your elevator maintenance provider is charted with “selling” products and services.  The obvious conflict of interest is far too great!

There are many factors driving the need, or desire, to Modernize.  Understanding those factors and relating them to the local market, budgetary restraints, impact on the building’s tenancy, and current codes & standards is a detailed process.  Generating an appropriate scope of work, translating it into a specification, obtaining competitive bids, analyzing the bids, awarding the contract, and managing the Modernization project are also detailed processes requiring experience and expertise.

The applicable codes do not recognize the term “Modernization”.  Therefore, we must begin by understanding what the codes require when we “Alter” our Conveyance Equipment.  Viciedo Elevator Consulting will provide you the expert advisory services required to make sense of the  overwhelming Elevator Modernization process and develop an appropriate strategy aligning with your business needs and properly mitigating risks associated with your business.

Equally important, Viciedo Consulting will properly Represent you throughout the entire process assuring that your return on investment is maximized.  Viciedo Consulting begins with a detailed assessment of your equipment and your needs as a building owner / manager.  If desired, Viciedo Consulting has the project management experience to manage your project End-to-End providing a turn-key project to you.

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