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Elevator Traffic Anlysis and Simulation



Vertical Transportation Design Services Tailored to Architects, Builders and Owners

Having served 8 years on a global R&D team for a global elevator/escalator manufacturer and consulted to three of the world’s top elevator/escalator manufacturers, Russ Viciedo is well versed in elevator, escalator and moving walkway designs and innovations with respect to technology, design, green initiatives, and regulations allowing for a professionally designed and managed project.  Viciedo Consulting fully understands the criticality of properly designing today's buildings.  To do so, the Design Team must fully understand the Vertical Traffic Flow requirements and how a modern elevator system can handle them.  Viciedo Consulting provides Analysis and Simulations allowing the Design Team to understand and Visualize the traffic flows.


Most Elevator Consultants provide traditional elevator Traffic Study or Traffic Analysis which is largely based upon up-peak calculations. Some Consultant also considered other passenger flows such as down-peak, two-way and inter-floor traffic flows. However, none of these considerations apply to modern Destination Dispatch Control platforms utilizing complex algorithms and Artificial Intelligence.  Viciedo Consulting offers the most state-of-the-art Traffic Simulations which closely replicate Destination Control Performance and Capabilities.  Therefore, Viciedo Consulting provides some of the most advanced building design assistance avaialble.

In addition to providing Traffic Analysis and Simulation services, Viciedo Consulting is proud to be the North American representative for 

AdSimulo Expert Elevator Design Application



AdSimulo is the premier Automated Elevator Traffic Analysis and Simulation platform providing full 3D Visualization Capabilities along with BIM Capabilities.

AdSimulo is a revolutionary elevator traffic analysis and simulation application for architects, elevator designers and consultants. Based on the latest simulation algorithms, AdSimulo provides accurate elevator passenger traffic predictions for a wide range of building types. But it is not only an intelligent traffic analyzer… with our unique Expert System it can quickly analyze thousands of hours of simulations to provide the optimal elevator design solution for your needs. AdSimulo delivers its output in the form of comprehensive, automatically-generated reports, elevator design BIM files (IFC format) and even a complete elevator passenger traffic visualization.

AdSimulo's unique visualization system allows you to observe the movements of passengers and elevators in your building using an advanced 3D game-like environment. It may strongly influence the decision making process as it provides highly visual content to illustrate the performance of the elevator services. For example, by introducing color coding of the intending passengers based upon their waiting times, an instant visual cue is provided that allows the user to easily spot queues of elevator users with excessive waiting times.

AdSimulo allows for BIM Output of design characteristics once the design has been decided upon.

With AdSimulo, building designers and architects can download an industry standard Building Information Model (BIM) IFC file ready to be inserted into the overall building BIM. It contains all the essential 3D structure of the elevator shafts, elevator pits, machine rooms and elevator lobbies as well as more than 20 key generic components of the elevator system. This output model is automatically derived from the specification of the elevator system which can be either selected by the user or derived from use of the Expert System.

Customer Testimonials are extremely positive and exciting:

“I won’t be going back to Elevate. AdSimulo is the next generation and makes me and my fellow lift consultants so much more productive.”

Adrian Godwin BSc DMS MIMgt CEng MIET Chairman, Movvéo, Woking HQ, UK

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AdSimulo Elevator (Lift) Traffic Simulation
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Elevato Traffic Analysis
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