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An Elevator Consultant; Do I Need One?

Building Owner / Manager + Elevator / Escalator = RISK

It’s a simple equation that is overlooked nearly 100% of the time!

Understandably, the elevator owner relies on who they deem to be the “elevator expert”. Often, that “expert” is deemed to be the elevator service company. It makes sense, right? Who else am I going to ask about the overall condition of my elevators? However, is the equipment being assessed from the proper perspective? Who understands the “business” and the risk behind owning such critical, and dangerous, assets?

Elevator maintenance and repair can be extremely confusing because most of the elevator system is a complete mystery to the elevator owner. Should your trusted advisor be the team member who is mandated by their employer to maximize their profit? This is not to suggest that maintenance providers are unethical. However, we must always understand how easily judgments can get skewed.

Why does a building owner need a trusted advisor in the area of Taxation?

Why does a building owner need a trusted advisor in the area of Law for Legal Contract guidance, etc.?

Nearly every day of my career, I am reminded that the average building owner or manager, has absolutely no comprehension of the liability they hold simply because they have an elevator or escalator in their building. The liability is present in various forms. It is present in the form of paying for maintenance and repair costs which you are not responsible for. It is also present in the form of liability due to harm inflicted upon a rider when unfortunate incidents happen.

If you own an elevator or escalator, you need a Trusted Advisor, or an Elevator Consultant, who truly understands not only the equipment, but, most importantly, the business and liability behind owning that asset. You need an advisor who cares about YOUR interests and assuring that you have the proper Risk Mitigation plan in place.

Do not hesitate and get yourself the proper team member who will look out for YOU!

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