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Elevator Maintenance Control Program or Elevator MCP

As a national Elevator Consulting firm, we get questions every week from Building Owners, Managers, and Holding Companies asking, What in the World is a Maintenance Control Program, MCP, and do I Actually Need One?

Quite often, the building management team understands that they do have an MCP in place, but they see no evidence of it. Does this sound familiar?

Let’s do a quick review of what the MCP is and code behind it.

Simply, a Maintenance Control Program falls under ASME A17.1/CSA B44 Safety Code for Elevator and Escalator Safety and can be found in Section 8.6. The code requires that a Maintenance Control Program is established for every conveyance asset within your building. The Code goes into detail and describes that you, the conveyance owner, must have a Maintenance Control Program in effect and it is your responsibility to do so; not your maintenance provider’s responsibility. Understand what that actual means! The Conveyance Owner is Required to have the Program in Place. That means that the Conveyance Owner Carries the Liability Associated with NOT having such a Program in place.

This is an extremely important fact to be fully understood. Viciedo Consulting prides ourselves on keeping the Elevator Owner’s Risk Mitigation in the forefront of everything we do on your behalf. The necessity of having a documented Maintenance Control Program, or MCP, in place, in effect, and being adhered to, is paramount to building a foundation for your Risk Mitigation Plan.

The applicable code requires that you, the Conveyance Owner, is responsible for assuring that your Maintenance Control Program, MCP, is fully implemented and followed by your Service Provider. Therefore, are you an expert in Maintenance Control Programs? Should you rely on your Service Provider to implement something they feel is adequate to Protect You? In the unfortunate event in which a riding passenger is injured on your elevator or escalator, are you properly prepared to mount an effective defense?

Viciedo Consulting is the Trusted Advisor, Elevator Consultant, for you. We have the experience, and expertise, to understand your business and how to assist you in mitigating the risks associated with owning an elevator or escalator. Let us show you how we can be a valuable member of your Advisory Team.

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