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How do you assess your service/repair provider?

Our industry is a bit backwards...let's admit it.  I've been working with a client on a specific issue, and I realized this is a very broad issue creating issues for everyone.  For the most part, our industry expects the consumer to purchase a long-term service contract before the consumer can truly learn what the service provider can actually provide.  Sounds like...pass this bill before you can read it...

Why don't we use a blog or a website such as this as an open and honest forum to evaluate your provider and the service they provide you?  Any consumer could log-in and read assessments from peers of theirs.  This would provide ready access to honest information as opposed to be restricted to the atypical "Reference List" that the perspective provider sends you.  Honestly, these lists are typically a joke...and we know it...

Provide me some input and we will see what we can create...

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