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Non-Proprietary Elevator Equipment - Protecting your OpEx

What is Non-Proprietary Elevator Equipment? Have you been the victim of owning what your Consultant and/or Vendor have told you was "Non-Proprietary" only to later find out that you were forced to pay the OEM of that equipment tens of thousands of dollars for what turned out to be a "Proprietary Motion Control Drive or Source Code? Or worse yet, your equipment was designed around exclusive dimensions that no other OEM could meet?

How about any "data" which your asset is generating and the OEM of your asset is collecting? Are you aware of that data? Do you "own" that data? Is that data truly benefiting you, or the OEM of the equipment?

Over the years, I have come to learn that very few Consultants even know what Non-Proprietary actually means. I have also come to learn that far too many Equipment Manufacturers do know what the term means....they simply opt to falsely advertise and mislead you, the consumer. Simplistically, it's a perfect design strategy to provide them downstream revenue from what is known as their Install-Base. Did you knowingly agree to be part of their Install-Base and rely on them for specific future components and/or software? Was your consultant and OEM upfront with you and provide you a "published" list of these items and their costs so you may properly perform you Operational budget for these cattail assets?

Viciedo Consulting has a very clear understanding of what Non-Proprietary means and how to protect you, the asset owner. In fact, Viciedo Consulting has Non-Proprietary specification language which we have a Copyright on and the language will provide you the confidence that you will never be victimized and forced to buy Proprietary Components or pay for Proprietary Services. Yes, some Services are also Proprietary!

Non-Proprietary simply means "Not registered or protected as a trademark or brand name; generic". Truthfully, that definition does not provide us with the proper guidance needed to assure that we specify, purchase, and install equipment which will protect us from unforeseen costs due to software or component failures in which an OEM has Exclusive Control Of.

To protect our clients, Viciedo Consulting has Copyright protected language which clearly defines and specifies equipment and software which widely conforms to standards that are in the Public Domain or are Widely Licensed. We provide assurance that the equipment we specify for your building can be priced, purchased, installed, inspected, adjusted, configured, and troubleshot by ANY legally licensed Elevator Contractor operating within the jurisdiction your equipment resides in.

Don't be a victim...understand what the Practical, not academic, definition of Non-Proprietary Elevator Equipment is and protect yourself from extremely high unforeseen operation costs in the future.

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