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Elevator & Escalator Inspection Services

Qualified Elevator and/or Escalator Inspection, or a "QEI" Inspection.  Whichever type of inspection required by your Jurisdiction can be performed by Viciedo Consulting.  Quite often, there is a direct conflict of interest between a Consultant working for, and representing, the building owner/manager and the Inspector, or QEI, who is working for and representing the applicable Authority Having Jurisdiction, or AHJ.  Viciedo Consulting is forever cognizant of this obvious conflict of interest and will never breach that conflict.  Our Consulting competency will always remain a stand-alone competency serving you, the building owner or manager.  Our focus to represent you will never be clouded.  However, we also understand that you are forced to "hire" an inspector who is representing your AHJ so that the inspector can report back, "Certify", to the AHJ that your elevator and/or escalator is properly permitted and meets applicable codes and statutes.  For your convenience, Viciedo Consulting offers inspection, or QEI, services and we will guarantee that our fees are the most competitive in the market.

Please don't ever overlook the importance of your Annual and 5-Year inspections and testing. Using the State of Colorado as an example, Colorado’s Department of Labor and Employment Division of Oil and Public Safety requires that all conveyances receive Annual and 5 Year-Witnessed Inspections in order to receive your State issued Certifications to continue operating elevators and escalators.  The lack of the Witnessed Inspections will result in severe penalties and, potentially, the inability to operate your elevator/escalator until the State receives proper acknowledgement from you and an Inspector that the inspections have been adequately performed.

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